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Looking for a weight loss personal trainer in London? We see 100’s of people each month, just like you, who are searching for the next ‘weight loss solution’. There are many personal trainers out there just like us who will probably start by telling you how good they are or show you lots of transformation photos of their clients or their big facilities. This isn’t our style.

We operate an intimate bespoke service that works for individuals looking for results and solutions that work. Our facilities are small and we feel we want to devote our time to you and get you results with a more personal service that is about you and your results only!

Read on to learn about our promise to help you achieve weight loss…


What you need to know about weight loss personal trainers

There is a huge myth about losing weight. Many people who search for weight loss personal trainers are missing this one trick that is virtually guaranteed to help change their lives when it comes to weight loss.

You see the thing about weight loss is that weight loss goes way beyond the scales, what you look like and what your friends think about you. We’ve worked with 100’s of people whose main goal is to lose weight and they all have this one thing in common. Don’t worry the problem isn’t difficult to find and we’ll show you the solution. In fact, the problem is right in front of you.

Losing weight is about much more than weight and the scales. For our clients and probably for you weight loss is about this one thing, it’s about your barriers…

✔️ You don’t have the time to make changes to lose weight

✔️ You want to do it but there are always things that get in the way

✔️ You want to feel good again but it’s YOU that is holding you back

✔️ You want to fit in the dress or look good in that suit

✔️ You want to respect yourself again

✔️ You’ve had enough and want to change

✔️ You don’t know how to go about changing

✔️ You’ve tried dieting

✔️ You’ve tried exercising

✔️ You’ve still not got the results you feel you want

If you resonate with more than 4 of the above then you need a solution that takes your barriers out of the equation so we can enjoy your results together. Read on to find out more…


The only solution to your weight loss problem

As you can see we are pretty honest with our clients and we believe this is the best way to change you from where you are now to where you want your life to be. We understand weight loss is difficult and change is so difficult that’s why we’ve developed a very easy process that takes into account these key things which also make us different to other weight loss personal trainers. Our solution is simple and we have 3 promises we make our clients;

  1. We will be quick and provide an easy to follow solution
  2. We will help you every step of the way
  3. We will look at much more than your body and nutrition

Sound good?

Well, we are very selective with the type of clients we work with as we offer a more personal service so we only take on a limited number of clients each month.

To see if you are suitable for our guaranteed weight loss personal training experience please complete the registration form below and we will get back to you with details of when we can meet you for a complimentary discussion around your goals and how we can work with you.

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Monika is the best Personal Trainer. I have been her client for nearly 3 years now. She is reliable and flexible, she has helped me get back from injury and she has helped me work towards my training goals. Not only this, she also gives expert nutritional advice. Most importantly, she makes training really enjoyable and adapts each session for me! You can't go wrong with Mon 🙂

Jayne Lawson

I cannot recommend Monika enough, I was a size 12, 33 year old gym virgin surviving on a diet of pasta pesto, red wine and walkers crisps, I met Monika as a promotion for the gym i joined, her first port of call was my diet, by following her advice I gave up sugar, pasta and alcohol, within two weeks I felt amazing and had lost 4% body fat! within 6 months on her tailored 2 hour weekly ex.

Katy Peter

I am a very reluctant gym goer but I as I get older, my body has changed over the last few years in my thirties and eating everything I want, no longer works. I have worked with Monika over the last few years on and off. The results I previously achieved were impressive to say the least. I need someone like Monika behind me, motivating me – Monika regularly checks in on me, whether I am stretching, moving and eating well and also reminding me of my targets. Monika is very much in tune with what I need – she works with my body shape and areas of concerns and is very well info

Liz Ashton

Monika has been my family’s personal trainer for over a year. She is fantastic at working out what you need individually. She has made a huge difference to me as I suffered from constant back pain from a spinal fusion. She finds ways to improve posture and fitness while keeping it interesting. I would happily recommend anyone to work with her. Her knowledge on diet and nutrition has been invaluable and changed the way my family eats. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and motivation.

Samantha Dowden

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