Osteoporosis Training

Osteoporosis is a disease characterised by brittle bones, causing an increased risk of fractures and having a huge impact on the quality of the lives of people diagnosed with it. It is often associated with aging, however a compromised bone health can have its origin at a young age, due to inappropriate lifestyle choices. Very often, because of its ‘silent nature’, it goes unnoticed until the first osteoporotic fracture occurs, by which time it’s often too late to repair the damage already done. PB Wellbeing has combined years of research with an extended experience training our unique clients, to help bring back your confidence and live a healthy, pain-free life!


How exercise will improve the lives of clients dealing with osteoporosis and osteopenia?

Changes in nutrition and exercise are KEY to preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis and improving the day to day quality of the life of those dealing with it. High impact, non-repetitive exercises, have proven to be most effective at slowing down the rate of bone loss. Tailored strength programme performed at the correct intensity, combined with balance-promoting exercises, further decrease the risk of falls, therefore is CRUCIAL in preventing and managing the condition. At PB Wellbeing we add flexibility training to your routine, in order to ensure your body’s biomechanics is at its peak. We want you to not only feel better, but to feel your all-time best!


How to start improving your life?

Hearing the diagnosis can be distressing on its own. An overwhelming amount of information online, often provides more confusion than clarity. At PB Wellbeing, we know that every client is different. Our approach is unique to YOUR lifestyle and circumstances. We have worked with hundreds of clients, each having their own challenges and goals in mind, trying various trainers and often seeing little to no difference. We listen carefully to their needs and design the best programme to their unique situation, therefore no two clients will have the same approach. We have carefully selected our team of specialists, to ensure you are supported from every angle and the communication pathway is clear from the moment you walk through our door.

Testimonials for our One on One personal trainers in London

Monika is the best Personal Trainer. I have been her client for nearly 3 years now. She is reliable and flexible, she has helped me get back from injury and she has helped me work towards my training goals. Not only this, she also gives expert nutritional advice. Most importantly, she makes training really enjoyable and adapts each session for me! You can't go wrong with Mon 🙂

Jayne Lawson

I cannot recommend Monika enough, I was a size 12, 33 year old gym virgin surviving on a diet of pasta pesto, red wine and walkers crisps, I met Monika as a promotion for the gym i joined, her first port of call was my diet, by following her advice I gave up sugar, pasta and alcohol, within two weeks I felt amazing and had lost 4% body fat! within 6 months on her tailored 2 hour weekly ex.

Katy Peter

I am a very reluctant gym goer but I as I get older, my body has changed over the last few years in my thirties and eating everything I want, no longer works. I have worked with Monika over the last few years on and off. The results I previously achieved were impressive to say the least. I need someone like Monika behind me, motivating me – Monika regularly checks in on me, whether I am stretching, moving and eating well and also reminding me of my targets. Monika is very much in tune with what I need – she works with my body shape and areas of concerns and is very well info

Liz Ashton

Monika has been my family’s personal trainer for over a year. She is fantastic at working out what you need individually. She has made a huge difference to me as I suffered from constant back pain from a spinal fusion. She finds ways to improve posture and fitness while keeping it interesting. I would happily recommend anyone to work with her. Her knowledge on diet and nutrition has been invaluable and changed the way my family eats. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and motivation.

Samantha Dowden


How can PB Wellbeing help me improve my life with osteoporosis?

The journey to better health always starts with a thorough consultation. Our Team works hard each day to ensure that your needs are being listened to, your current status is thoroughly assessed and an in-depth plan is being put in place and explained to you every single step of the way. We carefully monitor your progress and feed it back to any of the practitioners working to improve your wellbeing. You are the centre of our attention and all our hard work goes into making you feel your absolute best. All we ask for, is your commitment!

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