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Our Personal Training Packages in london deliver the best possible results in the shortest time.

When you’ve selected our personal training packages in london we make it our mission to impress you and keep your goals in front of mind. We pride ourselves on our process which always starts by listening to where you are now and understanding the things that are holding you back from getting you to where you want to get to. By carrying out this process we can make sure our trainers are on the same page before you start and we promise to keep checking in to make sure we remain true to your goals. Our packages are designed to work with you and are tailored to your actual needs.

Our packages include the following…

A 12 week package of exercise and nutritional sessions

Our personal training packages in London all include nutritional sessions as well as training sessions. We believe that to get results outside we need to get you better inside. Being better with your diet doesn’t mean you need to restrict calories or go on any crazy diets. Quite the opposite in fact, but by better understanding your unique physiology we will tailor your program to make sure the results follow the work you put in. Our promise is that we will make this easy for you to win by being smart with our advice and strategies to get you results.

An average of 3 tailored training sessions per week

Your personal training sessions will be programmed and tailored for your training needs. We start with your goal and work backwards constructing an achievable program that will get you the results you want when you want them by. The whole program is tailored to fit with your work and lifestyle so that your training and nutrition become part of this and we begin creating good life long habits that last. Training and getting results is not just about this 12 weeks we want to create something that becomes the foundation of a better version of you.

2 sessions with a sports nutritionist

To make sure we establish a good baseline for your training our qualified nutrition team will see you as part of the program to ensure you have the basics covered. We offer more nutrition in some programs as we realise that some people will need more help with their training and nutrition to meet their goals.

Boditrax body scan and goal setting session

Whilst technology can be scary our onsite screening equipment helps our trainers to keep track of where you are, to begin with, and where we need to get you to. Helping us to feedback to you and provide you with up-to-date information to track your body stats.

Flexibility built in to meet different lifestyles.

We realise that life gets in the way of most training programs and therefore the results can waiver once we go off course. Because we start by understanding your lifestyle we plan around your life so we get a model that works. if we don’t think it will work we will tell you and try and find solutions. We are proud of our results and our reputation is of utmost importance to us.

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