Introducing a one on one personal trainer in london that really gets you results

Have you tried other one on one personal trainers in London, working out by yourself or with a partner and are just fed up of not getting the results that you want?

Maybe you’ve gone from diet to diet and feel like you’ve not seen any changes that have lasted in your waistline?

Or maybe you just want to try something different and are curious with our sessions and how we get the results we’ve become well known for in fitness communities?

It’s tough to see people struggle with their one on one personal training, fitness and health goals knowing that they just need to make a few small changes which will make a big difference. So what’s the secret? Well, it’s about knowing what changes you need to make and most importantly when to make these changes to get results that you so badly want.

This is where we can help you…


What results do our clients get from our one on one personal trainers?

Our client’s results vary from person to person, we are ok with this as we know that all their goals are different. The one thing that they all have in common is that they get results and achieve the goal they set out to achieve.

How do they do this?

Well, we are very selective with the type of people we work with and in doing so we are able to interview and hand pick people who are committed, who have tried everything else and things have not worked out for them or who have not been able to combine their nutrition and training so that it works in a sustainable way that gets results.

Does this sound like you?

If you want to see if you are the type of person that we can work with who really wants to get results then use the link below to register your details and we will get back to you to arrange time to meet one of the team and see if you are suitable for us…

Testimonials for our One on One personal trainers in London

Monika is the best Personal Trainer. I have been her client for nearly 3 years now. She is reliable and flexible, she has helped me get back from injury and she has helped me work towards my training goals. Not only this, she also gives expert nutritional advice. Most importantly, she makes training really enjoyable and adapts each session for me! You can't go wrong with Mon 🙂

Jayne Lawson

I cannot recommend Monika enough, I was a size 12, 33 year old gym virgin surviving on a diet of pasta pesto, red wine and walkers crisps, I met Monika as a promotion for the gym i joined, her first port of call was my diet, by following her advice I gave up sugar, pasta and alcohol, within two weeks I felt amazing and had lost 4% body fat! within 6 months on her tailored 2 hour weekly ex.

Katy Peter

I am a very reluctant gym goer but I as I get older, my body has changed over the last few years in my thirties and eating everything I want, no longer works. I have worked with Monika over the last few years on and off. The results I previously achieved were impressive to say the least. I need someone like Monika behind me, motivating me – Monika regularly checks in on me, whether I am stretching, moving and eating well and also reminding me of my targets. Monika is very much in tune with what I need – she works with my body shape and areas of concerns and is very well info

Liz Ashton

Monika has been my family’s personal trainer for over a year. She is fantastic at working out what you need individually. She has made a huge difference to me as I suffered from constant back pain from a spinal fusion. She finds ways to improve posture and fitness while keeping it interesting. I would happily recommend anyone to work with her. Her knowledge on diet and nutrition has been invaluable and changed the way my family eats. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and motivation.

Samantha Dowden


What can you expect from one on one personal training with us?

We get excited about meeting new clients that are suitable for our unique process as they are great to work with. Our clients range from those that are super motivated to those that come with little motivation to begin with. Clients that have used personal training before and those that have never set foot in a gym before. Clients how have weight goals and those that are more motivated by fitness levels and goals.

We work with all of them.

If you want to achieve some of these results then you are our type of client and once we meet you we will let you know if we feel we can work with you to achieve your goals. (Almost) No goal is unachievable. We will let you know upfront if your goal is not realistic and then work with you to define a more realistic goal, although we are always up for a challenge!

Here is our promise to all our personal training clients. When you do your personal training with our of our personal trainers you to can enjoy some of these benefits

✔️ Motivated personal trainer to work with you

✔️ Results that last

✔️ Weight loss targets reached

✔️ Recovery from injury goals taken care of

✔️ Body transformation in 12 weeks

✔️ Between 1-4 times per week training sessions

✔️ Varied training sessions

✔️ We work with all abilities and disabilities

✔️ We achieve results

If you feel like you want 4 or more of these benefits then it’s likely that you fit the profile of a client that will get amazing results with our team.

Contact us today to secure the next slot in our training calendar. Click the link below now…

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