5 most common training barriers – how to deal with them?

Are you struggling with your training goals? Do you want to make your training sessions more effective? This article will provide you with information on dealing with the 5 most common training barriers.


“It’s really important that you work within your very specific and unique situation and create a goal that will help you work around your social and work life.”


Every day, people overcome their barriers and achieve their training goals by working within their unique situations. 


Here are the 5 most common training barriers and how to deal with them, to get your results sooner:


  1. Having unrealistic expectations. For example, many people want to lose an enormous amount of weight, whether it be for a holiday or wedding. They also usually want to achieve this in an unrealistic time frame. Also, there are certain physiological limitations to how much weight you can lose. Especially if we’re talking about a healthy manner of losing that weight. So, always make sure that you plan in advance and you leave sufficient time. Particularly if you’re looking at larger quantities of weight loss.
  2. Fear of social and work-life changes. Therefore, while you’re embarking on a new nutrition or training plan, it very often comes with more rules and less freedom when eating, drinking, and socialising. What is really important is you need to set yourself a realistic goal that works for your own personal life. It’s really important that you work within your specific situation and create a goal around your lifestyle.
  3. Unsupportive environment. This can often make or break it when it comes to you achieving your goals. For instance, often you’ll see your friends and closest family being a little discouraging when it comes to your new approach to fitness and nutrition. Especially when they start seeing results. This can bring out the insecurities in people around you. So it’s really important to include those people and make sure that you communicate with them that you are about to embark on a change and try to simply get their support.
  4. Seeking quick fixes. There is no magic rule to weight loss or muscle gain. Training, nutrition and rest are the most important aspects when it comes to achieving your goals. Unfortunately, due to the popular rise of different teas and pills that are promising you to do the work for you, a lot of people expect these quick fixes to do all the work and forget that it’s actually their long term changes that will bring the results. So if you’re expecting any of those products to work, without being harmful to your health, you need to re-evaluate what is important for you and how much effort you’ll want to put into achieving your goals.
  5. Stopping or getting discouraged if you do not see results straight away. However, remember depending on your goal, the results may come within weeks or months. You have to be patient and most importantly, you have to make sure that all the components, your nutrition, your rest, and your training, are specifically targeted towards what your goal is. If you feel like it takes way longer to achieve the goal than you expected, or than it should take, make sure you speak to a professional and seek their advice to make sure you are on the right path.


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