Why are we different from other Private Fitness Trainers in London

We believe passionately in helping our clients achieve results with their fitness, nutrition, health and recovery from injury. Our market includes people looking for private fitness trainers in London primarily but we see lots of people looking to get optimal results from their private fitness training sessions.

Our place in the private fitness trainer London market is very specific. We are keen to help a small group of people who are frustrated with not achieving the results that they feel they want so much.

If you’ve tried training and nutrition services before and are still looking for a private fitness trainer in London who can help you get results then you are our ideal client. We often hear our clients tell a similar story.

Our private fitness trainer services have been designed to help people who are keen to get on and train with results that are very personalised and tailored to your individual goals.

Read on to see how you can meet one of our team to find out more about your goals and what is currently holding you back from getting the results that you want with your health, training and fitness.


What results do you want to achieve with your training and nutrition?


Bored of lifting weights and need more?

Do you need a personal trainer that does more than just make you lift weights? Our personal trainers pride themselves on their unique 360-degree approach to your physical, nutritional and emotional wellbeing. When you become one of our clients we look after ‘You’ making sure that whatever barriers are holding you back from the results you want to achieve are overcome.

Need measurable results?

We believe through our methods of training and education help our clients achieve results that are measurable and quantifiable. Getting results with your personal training and nutrition doesn’t need to be difficult or hard work. We just set out a personal plan and measure your progress so you can see how you are getting on and we feel we can guarantee you results. Our process is simple, we listen to you, we deliver your program which leads to your results.

Need a private fitness trainer that listens?

Once you have chosen the right trainer that you feel suits your individual fitness and nutrition needs we promise to provide a personal service. Have you been left feeling unlistened to or left with a program that doesn’t feel like it works for you? Your program will adapt and change as your needs and goals improve. We promise to work with you to shape your body and your program.

Short of time but need results?

Training can be hard and can take time, but it doesn’t need to be this way.  Our clients enjoy programs that fit into and work with their personal schedules and they still manage to get the results that they set out to achieve. Our clients have busy lives and we aim to make their training and nutrition simple so it fits in with their busy schedules giving them the results they want in the time they have.

Finding it difficult to get started with private fitness training?

Motivation is something we all struggle with from time to time.

Most of the battle is with making ‘the first step’. Our advice for you is to keep focused on your end goal. Where do you want to be in 6/12 weeks or even a years time?

You may have a specific goal in mind that you want to achieve, whether that’s a running event,  getting married, a holiday, increasing your bone density or just feeling like you love your body again we have heard them all and delivered results for all types of people.

You may not have a specific goal. Don’t worry, our private fitness trainers are trained on specific SMART goal setting techniques so we can help you get into the right frame of mind to be able to visualise where you want to be and then map out a clear route to get you there.


Monika is the best Personal Trainer. I have been her client for nearly 3 years now. She is reliable and flexible, she has helped me get back from injury and she has helped me work towards my training goals. Not only this, she also gives expert nutritional advice. Most importantly, she makes training really enjoyable and adapts each session for me! You can't go wrong with Mon 🙂

Jayne Lawson

I cannot recommend Monika enough, I was a size 12, 33 year old gym virgin surviving on a diet of pasta pesto, red wine and walkers crisps, I met Monika as a promotion for the gym i joined, her first port of call was my diet, by following her advice I gave up sugar, pasta and alcohol, within two weeks I felt amazing and had lost 4% body fat! within 6 months on her tailored 2 hour weekly ex.

Katy Peter

I am a very reluctant gym goer but I as I get older, my body has changed over the last few years in my thirties and eating everything I want, no longer works. I have worked with Monika over the last few years on and off. The results I previously achieved were impressive to say the least. I need someone like Monika behind me, motivating me – Monika regularly checks in on me, whether I am stretching, moving and eating well and also reminding me of my targets. Monika is very much in tune with what I need – she works with my body shape and areas of concerns and is very well info

Liz Ashton

Monika has been my family’s personal trainer for over a year. She is fantastic at working out what you need individually. She has made a huge difference to me as I suffered from constant back pain from a spinal fusion. She finds ways to improve posture and fitness while keeping it interesting. I would happily recommend anyone to work with her. Her knowledge on diet and nutrition has been invaluable and changed the way my family eats. Thank you so much for all your help, advice and motivation.

Samantha Dowden

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