We are a bespoke personal training studio in the heart of central London. We have a proven formula to help each client reach their fitness and wellbeing goals through specifically tailored training programmes delivered by highly experienced fitness professionals supported by information from our precision body composition monitoring system (Boditrax).


What makes us


We keep it personal

We are a private, boutique personal training studio offering bespoke individual and small group training solutions on a “pay as you go” basis. Our elite level trainers have been handpicked to guide and support you in pursuit of your goals; after all, it’s all about you.

Technology is our friend

We work with you to set and monitor your personal training goals using a precision body composition monitoring system to measure muscle mass, fat percentages, metabolic efficiency and metabolic age; this ensures that your goals, programme and outcomes are personal to you.

Its a team game

Our team is comprised of Personal Trainers, Sports Nutritionists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Healthcare professionals all available to provide the knowledge and expert support and guidance that you need to succeed.

We value your time

We recognise that in our fast paced world, time is one of our most valuable commodities so our goal is your goal : to get the best possible results in the shortest possible time in a safe and supportive environment.

Personal training has never been so personal.

Our elite level trainers have been handpicked to ensure their broad knowledge base covers all aspects of wellbeing.

We support our trainers on their journey of professional development which in turn, ensures that our clients have access to the latest fitness and wellbeing information in the market place.

Putting the most important things first.

When it comes to training and wellbeing, we know all our stuff. We have a wide range of clients, from office workers to elite athletes so, whatever your goals, you can be sure that we will guide and support you on your journey and help celebrate your successes!


Meet the tools of our trade.

We pride ourselves on choosing some of the best equipment to be able to deliver our services and ensure that you see nothing but quality when it comes to your training needs.

Our team of trainers work together to encourage growth in their knowledge bases. So you can be sure if you want to get results, you are in expert hands.

Located onsite.

We work with your team to determine the most optimal well-being strategy for your team and your company culture.

The small details.

We believe by ensuring we take our time in the preparation stages and obsess about the fine details, we are able to execute an excellent health and well-being proposition for you and your company to benefit from.


‘Zac has made me stronger and fitter –
and I’m standing straighter.
That’s a nice feeling!’

Dominic O’Connell,

The today program – BBC

‘Zac my Personal Trainer at PB Wellbeing refers to our training as ”damage”, which is a fair description of what it feels like. We’ve been training together for ten years. A few triathlons and some mad experiences along the way, he’s great company and a brilliant motivator.’

Gordon Smart,

Presenter – Radio X

‘I turned to Zac for help when I was in marathon training and I’m so glad I chose him as my PT! Having done a lot of running he not only trained me to be physically fitter and stronger to take on my 26 mile endurance challenge but also helped me get into a good mental state of mind. He gave me great nutrition advice, words of encouragement and lots of handy tips for me to take away and use on marathon day. In the gym he pushed me to my limit and I always came away feeling like I’d given it my all. He mixed up the exercises each session which I enjoyed and I came away having learnt a lot of new techniques to do in my own time. As well as all of this Zac is a great guy, friendly and a pleasure to train with. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!’

Kirstie Bird

Art Editor – House Beautiful

‘Zac’s trademark challenge is “make it count” – and he does. He appreciates that time and energy may be limited, and makes the most of what you have varying the routine, pushing the boundaries and guaranteeing you’ll be fitter and stronger. I recently completed the 22 day push up challenge. Pre-Zac I could barely manage 2!’

Gutto Harri,

Managing Director – Liberty Global


  • Osteoporosis Training

    What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones lose their strength and are more likely to break, usually following a minor bump or fall. Broken bones are also referred to as ‘fractures’ (the words mean the same thing). Fractures that occur because of reduced bone strength are described as ‘fragility fractures’ and many…
  • Wedding Training Sessions

    Wedding Training Sessions Whether your the bride or groom the wedding package is designed for you to look your best on the big day. Prior to your first training session you will undergo a health assessment on our Boditrax machine. Get Results Our training will then consist of four intense 45 to 50 minute tailored…
  • 12 Week Transformation

    12 Week Transformation The goal of the transformation package is to deliver the best possible results in the shortest time. Prior to training you will have a health assessment on our Boditrax scanner then we include a 12 week programme of exercise and nutritional programming. 12 week programme of exercise and nutritional programming. 2 sessions…
  • Bespoke Focused PT Sessions

    Bespoke Personal Training All Personal Training session's are tailored to each individual and last around 60 minutes per session. We pride ourselves on results and making sure our clients are doing the right exercises correctly. Therefore prior to your first training session we will do a health and fitness assessment on our Boditrax scanner then…
  • Marathon Training Sessions

    Marathon Training Package Marathon Training is hard work and grueling. If done right it's a great race and it's even better when you have set a PB or running for the first time in a race you didn't think you could do. The training plan consists of two sessions per week and a training plan…

What will you choose to work on today?

Our trainers are committed to keeping you motivated through adding variety to your programmes so as to “keep it interesting”.

You can be sure that you are in safe, professional and knowledgeable hands when you choose to train with us at Perfect Balance Wellbeing.


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